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Hi, my name is Matt and I want to welcome you to Best Laptop Cooler If you’re anything like me, you quickly get tired of wading through hundreds of reviews and recommendations, all promising the best laptop cooling pad. Well, you’re going to be glad you’ve found your way to this website.

Here, we do all the work for you, and offer thoroughly researched and unbiased reviews that will assist you in whittling down the hundreds of notebook mats available to find the perfect fit for your computer.

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We do all the research on cool down speeds, notebook size, materials used and more to save you time and money.

So what exactly is a laptop cooler? 

A laptop cooler is something that elevates and rapidly cools your computer – such as a lap desk, pad or mat – and usually offers one or two fans to actively cool down your notebook components. Many come with speakers and auxiliary ports as well.

The material of the mat can vary. Some are plastic, aluminum or mesh aluminum, some come equipped with special materials that claim to cool your computer faster. One is even made out of bamboo! The material used is not usually the most important part of the cooler, as long as it elevates your laptop and doesn’t hold in heat it should work just fine.

Next, you’ll also want to pay attention to the fan size and build quality. Some coolers come with gigantic fans, and if made properly these work great. But if the engineer was a little off his game the day he came up with the designs, you might a noisy fan that’s also ineffective. There are a few cooling pads that don’t even use a fan – like the ThermaPak HeatShift – and these can sometimes work just as well a conventional mat, depending on your set-up. Make sure to pay attention to how the cooler actually works, and do some research before making a wasteful purchase. Or you can pick from one of the Top 3 Laptop Coolers below – and be assured of a great choice!

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Do you need one?

In order to answer this question, you have to consider what you normally do on your laptop and how much heat it generates while doing these tasks. If you are just using your computer to surf the web, read emails or play simple games on something like Facebook and only use your notebook for a few minutes a day, then you are probably just fine without an external cooler. But if you have a laptop that gets hot to the touch – even if it’s just during these activities, you definitely need a mat to chill out your notebook. Heat is one of the most dangerous enemies of any computer, overtime it will slowly deteriorate crucial components such as the motherboard.

If you normally use your laptop for hours a day, use it as a desktop replacement, watch movies or play graphics intensive games, or notice your laptop getting too hot during normal use, chances are you could benefit greatly from investing in a laptop chill pad or chill mat.

So now that you’ve decided a laptop cooling stand would be beneficial to you, the next question to ask is which one is perfect for me? There are many different kinds of mats out there, some with speakers built in, some with massive fans for greater cooling power, some for gamers and others for more casual users. This is where we come in! We take each cooler and look at factors such as cooling power, size, and comfort and create good quality reviews to assist you in your purchase.

The best bet would be to check out the top pads we’ve reviewed, which are included here for easy browsing. All of these coolers are top notch and will cool your notebook down quickly and quietly. Some even have cool special features like LED lights or dual fans.

Top 3 Laptop Coolers Comparison

MaterialMetal MeshAluminum SurfacePremium Aluminum
Laptop SupportUp to 17"Up to 19"Up to 17"
USB 2.0 Ports1 portNone2 ports
Weight1.98 lbs2.3 lbs1.74 lbs
Fan Size200 mmThree 80 mm FansTwo 80mm Fans
ExtrasHand Cooling VentMoveable FansVirtually No Sound
Rating (Out of 5)4.4 (View on Amazon)4.2 (View on Amazon)4 (View on Amazon)

Here are our brief reviews on each product.

 Cooler Master NotePal X3

the cooler master notepal x3 padOur top pick is the Cooler Master NotePal X3. This notebook cooling solution is perfect for computer games and casual users alike. This cooler boasts a large 200 mm fan (aka 7.8 inches) that works to rapidly dissipates heat from your computer. Below the fan are 4 small LED lights that create a pretty mesmerizing effect while the fan blades are spinning.

This cooler also features small stands on the back you can open and close to your liking to adjust the angle, similar to a keyboard. This makes getting the perfect view on your notebook a breeze.

The build quality on this cooler is very high, it is polished over with a high-grade UV gloss that gives it a shine and a little bit of flair. This pad is also unique in that it comes with a hand vent in the front, perfect for cooling off sweaty palms during an intense gaming session. I like to believe this feature has saved me multiple lives in Counter Strike.

This pad is perfectly suited for notebook’s up to 17″ in width, so most laptops should fit just fine. Reviews online have stated that this cooler can also accommodate computers up to 18″, but I would check for yourself before purchasing. Most likely it is a non-issue, as even if the computer hangs off the side a little bit it won’t make much difference.

There are some other extra features as well, like another USB port so you won’t lose one just because you are powering your cooler. Additionally, there are controls for both the fan speed and LED lights, putting you fully in control of your computer cooling.

This is the perfect cooler for almost any user, gamers will love the front hand vent and LED lights, while casual users will enjoy the massive drops in temperature they will see with this pad.

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Cooler Master NotePal U3

The underside of the Cooler Master U3. Where you can reposition the fans for optimal cooling.The Cooler Master NotePal U3 is my second top pick for notebook cooling pads, and it is the one I use on an everyday basis for my computer.

This mat has a stellar combination of winning features that really sets it apart from the rest. Most importantly, all of this is provided at nearly 1/3 of the cost of your normal cooling solution!

The U3 works perfectly with larger laptops, it will easily accommodate notebooks from 17 – 19″. The U3 also features rubber anti-slip grips that keeps your laptop glued to the pad, eliminating any worry about your laptop falling off and getting damaged.

The U3′s main selling point is the three 80 mm fans located under the cooler, that can be moved to any position on the underside to provide maximum cooling power. Every laptop has that certain “hot-spot” area, often times around the battery or motherboard. With the U3, you can move each fan to whatever position you choose, guaranting optimal heat dispersal for your device. Trust me, this feature works wonders for eliminating heat.

In addition to all of these features, the U3 also comes with a side-mounted variable speed fan controller, so you can dictate the exact amount of air necessary to cool your computer down.

With all of these features in tow, the U3 is a can’t miss product that will really blow you away for the value you are receiving. This little cooler does it all, and I would recommend you check it out on Amazon to see what all the hype is about.

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Zalmann NC 2000B

Zalmann Nc2000B Laptop Cooler

Last on my list of top notebook cooling solution is the Zalman NC2000. This pad made it one my list for a variety of reasons, the top most being that it is virtually silent when it’s running. I really enjoyed this feature and I felt like I was able to concentrate on my work at a higher level with much fewer distractions.

The Zalman comes equipped with 2 fans to blow cool air to your computer so it works twice as well as coolers with only one fan. Another great feature with this cooler is the rubber grips that keep your laptop from sliding all over the place. Some more stand-out features that caught my eye are:

  • Aerodynamically designed notebook cooler that produces virtually no noise.
  • Really nice design with a very sleek appearance, aluminum casing treated with D.S.A. processing (Diamond Cutting, Sand Blasting, Anodizing)
  • Works with up to 17″ Notebooks
  • Sturdy build and one-piece design, makes the cooler very portable.

There are a few disadvantages to the Zalman that put it at third on my list. First off is the price. It is slightly more expensive than the NotePal X3 and U3 and doesn’t really offer enough extra features to justify the price. The build design is extremely nice, but personally that isn’t something that is important enough to me that I would shell out extra money for it.

All in all, the Zalman is a great cooler and will lower the temperature of your computer quite a bit. If you work in an office or just want a cooler with a more professional style, this one would be perfect for you.

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Thank you for taking the time out to read this, please feel free to look around the site and check out the many reviews I’ve posted. There are some really great pads out there, like the IGo Arctic Cooling Pad or the Thermaltake Massive23 CS. Have a look at my reviews section for much more.

Thanks again and please share this site with your family and friends if they are having trouble with overheating issues!


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